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At icHUB you are given the opportunity of becoming a world-class developer with little or no prio programming knowledge. Are you between the ages of 20 - 30 are you out of school, do you live in Benue State, then this opportunity is for you, sign up to be the first to join Co-hort one of our intensive BootCamp?

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Defered Payments

The programme is built on the principle that money shouldn't come in the way of one who desires a decent future.

Up to Date

We have curated the most up to date and industry relevant content, comparable to that offerd anywhere in the world.

Ready to Work

We make sure everyone leaving our door, is ready for a job as a junior developer and can fit into any tech company.

Made with Love

We believe that you don't have to keep your day job while learning, so we make sure you are comfortable and also focus.

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